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Data system, events and image office

In the office there are numerous activities, the most important being the database regarding the dendro-floricol inventory of the Botanical Garden, the publications of the Botanical Garden: Journal of Plant Development (called Buletinul Gradinii Botanice Iasi untill 2008, CNCSIS recognized in the B+ category, CNCSIS code 210), Index Seminum et sporarum and Flora Moldaviae et Dobrogeae Exsiccata.

At the same time, here we fulfill the folds, the posters and invitations to some exhibitions, video materials for presentations in various scientific manifestations, the good functioning of the internal web of the Botanical Garden, soft-wear installation, entertainment and exploitation of the peripheral equipments, the execution of the labels for plants and of other informative materials addressed to our visitors.

Other important objective is to promote nationally and internationally the image of the Botanical Garden by creating the web-site where the scientific, didactic, cultural-educative and recreation activities are presented.
The visitors of the web-site are informed about the events organized in the Botanical Garden, by a periodic updating of the site.

University "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" of Iasi

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