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Research Group for Micropropagation and Germplasm Preservation - GERMOBIOTECH

The Research Group for Micropropagation and Germplasm Preservation consists of specialists from the institution and collaborators from the Faculty of Biology, "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University of Iasi, with the main purpose of micropropagation and preservation of rare and endangered species.

Germplasm collections represent a very valuable genetic resource for biodiversity conservation, ensuring the future existence of species that are rare / endemic or have great economic value. The practical implications extend beyond the environmental strategies, the germplasm bank having the possibility to store cell lines / varieties / species with agricultural or biotechnological importance – as biocontrol agents for phytopathogens, for bioremediation, for producing biologically active compounds with applications in pharmaceutical, food industry, etc.

Coordinator: Professor Catalin TANASE, PhD (CV)

Research team: Associate Professor Lacramioara Carmen IVANESCU, PhD (CV)
Professor Simona Isabela DUNCA, PhD (CV)
Associate Professor Irina Neta GOSTIN, PhD (CV)
Lecturer Tiberius BALAES, PhD (CV)
Lecturer Lacramioara Anca OPRICA, PhD (CV)
Biologist Camelia Mariana IFRIM, PhD (CV)
Biologist Adrian OPREA, PhD (CV)
Biologist Lidia ADUMITRESEI, PhD (CV)
Biologist Ana COJOCARIU, PhD (CV)
Biologist Constantin MARDARI, PhD (CV)
Biologist Ciprian BIRSAN, PhD (CV)
Researcher Camelia Paula STEFANACHE, PhD (CV)
Biologist Virginia PETRE, PhD (CV)

Research directions:
  • Selection and isolation in pure culture of organisms / cell lines / strains;
  • In vitro cultivation of tissues, organs and mycelium;
  • Selection of cell lines of biotechnological value;
  • In vitro propagation of rare or threatened species;
  • Germplasm cryopreservation.

Scientific results:

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