The Moorish Gardens

The famous gardens of Spain realized in the ex-caliphates ruled by the Arabs reveals today numerous traditional elements in the Moorish gardens or the Andalusia gardens background.

The intimacy cult, the respect for each water drop learned in the tough landscape of the desert, the inclination to meditation specific to Arabic world, all have led to realization of an closed paradise to many and a open garden to few. In this way a poet from Grenada defines the notion of patio, the essential scheme of the Moorish garden that reminds of the circle disposition of tents in desert.

In patio, all plants must be discreetly arranged, must not reciprocally embarrass, to distinguish the colour and light that they are emitting. The water itself must be discreet and the noise of a artesian fountain is excluded. The light is gradually conducted, penetrating between garden surrounding colonnades, straining through this intermediary space and arriving in the interior. The element attracting the looks is represented by a fountain or a waterfall, reminding of the desert oases and the water really venerated by the Arabs.

In this compartment there are plants specific to desert areas that have permitted us the realization of an autumnal patio. In this way we have arranged an discreet space presented as a small garden open to all. Here, you will identify a series of characteristic elements created by us prevalently using chrysanthemums varieties alongside roses, orange and lemon trees, plants specific to Moorish gardens.

University "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" of Iasi

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