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Herbarium bases were made by Dr. Emilian Topa, in 1965. Today, the Herbarium contains over 48,000 sheets. Plants are grouped according to their families and genera in the general herbarium and on Centurias in "Flora Moldaviae et Dobrogeae Exsiccata" collections.

The majority of the plants included in Herbarium were collected by the staff of the botanic garden, as well as by other botanists, from the field; an other part of the herbarium sheets are from the donations made by various specialists. Among these donations, one can remark those of Professor dr. Constantin Papp, Professor dr. Constantin Burduja, lecturer dr. Gheorghe Mihai, and others. Some of the herbarium sheets are from the exchange with Herbariums from other countries.

The specialists from Romania or abroad can examine, at the request, the Herbarium sheets right on the place or can borrow these for a specific period of time.

In order to make known the flora from the eastern part of Romania (Moldova and Dobrogea), since 1968, periodically is published "Flora Moldaviae et Dobrogeae Exsiccata". The herbarium sheets are also used for the exchange with more than 30 similar units in the country or abroad.

So far, nine Centurias were edited, as follows: Centurias I, II, III (1968, 1970, 1972) were signed by Emilian Topa and Elena Marin, Centurias IV, V, VI (1976, 1981, 1985) by Maria Lazar and Mandache Leocov, Centurias VII (1988) by Ion Sarbu and Mandache Leocov, Centurias VIII (1994) by Ion Sarbu and Mihai Mititiuc, and Centuria IX (2005) by Adrian Oprea and Mihai Mititiuc.

The Herbarium coordinators, along the times, were: botanist Elena Marin (1968-1977), botanist Maria Lazar (1977-1984), senior researcher dr. Ion Sarbu (1985-2003), and biologist dr. Adrian Oprea (2003 – present).

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